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So, one of the really cool parts of being homeless (currently, considering I have brain) is that I have a lot of time. And when I have a lot of time, I can do things like write. I've mumbled out a few flash-fictiony things in the past few days and have the startings of a new short story that I might be able to hammer out in the next couple of weeks. (Well, hopefully week, because in a week I'm visiting my mother and that will probably kill all muse.)

Some of this stuff is rather useless, so I'll be posting it here. (Like the dog-POV story I'm working on.) Some of it I see a light of hope in and will be cannibalizing. And some of it has been genuinely good -- which is something I rarely say about my writing. I haven't been so happy with the stuff I've been producing in a long time.

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"Now your first lesson, Jim. I am not a crook. You are not a crook. We do not want to be criminals, for they are individuals who are stupid and inefficient. It is important to comprehend and appreciate that we stand outside of society and follow strict rules of our own, some of them even stricter than those of the society we have rejected. It can be a lonely life--but it is a life you must choose with your eyes open. And once the choice has been made you must abide by it. You must be more moral than they are because you will be living by a stricter moral code. And this code does not contain the word crook. That is their word for what you are and you must reject it."

"But I want to be a criminal..."

"Abandon the thought--and the title. It is, and you must excuse me saying it, a juvenile ambition. It is only your emotions striking out at the world you dislike and cannot be considered a reasoned decision. You have rejected them--but at the same time accepted their description of what you are. A crook. You are not a crook, I am not a crook."

"Then--what are we?" I asked, all eagerness. The Bishop steepled his fingers as he intoned the answer.

"We are Citizens of the Outside. We have rejected the simplistic, boring, regimented, bureaucratic, moral, and ethical scriptures by which they live. In their place we have substituted our own far superior ones. We may physically move among them--but we are not of them. Where they are lazy, we are industrious. Where they are liars, we are the Truth. We are probably the greatest power for good to the society we have discarded."
--Harry Harrison, The Stainless Steel Rat is Born